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Shelley Jordon

Fine Arts Professor Shelley Jordon

Shelley Jordon
Professor, Fine Arts

541-737-5019 / 317 Fairbanks Hall /

My work explores the intersection of interior and exterior worlds and connections between past and present experiences. I use traditional drawing and painting media applied to two dimensional work, animation and animated installation to express the complicated nature of memory; physical and emotional, collective and personal.

Painted images culled from every day life, personal dreams and memories, are combined with images that refer to Roman mythology, discarded stuffed animals and brain scans, to express issues of vulnerability and risk and how easily shattered the illusion of safety can be.  Interior and exterior worlds are woven together and domestic affairs become interchangeable with current events in a stream of consciousness. The process of creating hand painted animated paintings by repeatedly layering new images over old on one sheet of paper becomes a metaphor for life itself. Though the previous images are buried, they remain integral to the understanding of the finished piece.

Creativity can’t be taught, but it can be nurtured. Through exposure to and experimentation with a variety of techniques and approaches to art making, my goal is to teach students how to find their own artistic voices and to develop their own creative paths. In my classes, I provide the structure in which students can grow as artists and hone their own particular artistic visions.

Although I primarily teach painting, I have, over the years enjoyed teaching a variety of classes, including all levels of drawing and painting and Contemporary Issues in Art, a professional development class. In my lower division classes I emphasize expanding technical skills in a broad range of media while introducing students to conceptual approaches to art making. Through the use of books, catalogues, the web, power point presentations and field trips, I expose students to a multitude of artists, contemporary and historical, traditional and avant-garde. In my intermediate classes, students continue to experiment with and expand their familiarity with new media and artists while developing their conceptual thinking. Students in my advanced classes have the discipline and knowledge necessary to pursue their individual studio practices within a critical but supportive environment.

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Fine Arts Professor Shelley JordonFine Arts Professor Shelley JordonFine Arts Professor Shelley JordonFine Arts Professor Shelley JordonFine Arts Professor Shelley Jordon

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