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Kay Campbell

Art Professor, Kay Campbell

Kay Campbell
Professor, Foundations & Fine Arts

541-737-5015 / 202 Fairbanks Hall /

Research Interests
I enjoy working on parallel bodies of work simultaneously, employing a range of media which includes screen printing, mixed-media assemblage and sculpture. For me, the crossover of disciplines is essential in order to effectively communicate my ideas.  The majority of my work is tactile, and I consistently seek a balance between image and media in  an attempt to maintain  an  allegiance to my long standing relationship with fiber and the manipulated thread. 

Both physical and conceptual aspects of contradiction  juxtapose one another to reveal “approach - avoidance” responses in works that examine our collective human interactions.  I enjoy working with mixed-media and found objects, most recently using the iconic, yet generic form of a branch.  I appreciate the relationship between “lost” and “found” and the idea of placing importance on discarded materials.  The discarded branch is scavenged from the garden pile as a vestige for its relationship to preservation as opposed to its inevitable degeneration.  A reference to time and place is inherent in these works in which the sharp pointed protuberances of thorns on branches oppose the pleasing sight and scent of the bloom, reminding us that life is both transient and  contradictory . 

Art students must constantly work to extend their visual literacy—a maturation process that will enable them to both create and look at works of art and design with a conversant awareness that exceeds personal tastes.  This ultimately builds a body of knowledge based upon  a solid understanding of compositional theory, historical contexts, studio practice, technical skills and the application of their own conceptual ideas and motivations.  I see my role in the classroom as a catalyst who provides the initial impetus on which students build their own problem solving strategies.  I assist students in developing their own insights by encouraging their pursuit of individual directions and purpose.   My goal has been to create a challenging and supportive classroom environment where I am able to instill self-direction and confidence in students to go beyond a fear of limitations and to look within for their own  voice and validation. I hope that my contact with students and my teaching approach further helps them to develop an awareness of the importance that art holds in all of our lives.  I wish to empower  my students, as voters, citizens, and future community  leaders, to realize that art and the creative process are essential to all of our well being and that art can and should be accessible to everyone.

Courses Taught
Art 115  Foundations: 2D
Art 117  Foundations: 3D
Art 215  Foundations: Color
Art 379  Printmaking:  Screen Printing
Art 479  Printmaking:  Advanced Screen Printing

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Art Professor, Kay CampbellArt Professor, Kay CampbellArt Professor, Kay CampbellArt Professor, Kay CampbellArt Professor, Kay CampbellArt Professor, Kay Campbell

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