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Public Service Ethic

Public Service Program Ethic

OSU’s MPP program is designed to engage students and faculty in the formal and informal governance processes of the state and the world, finding ways to integrate the knowledge and experiences of a wide range of perspectives in the decisions about how we will live our lives in the complex 21st century. MPP program graduates bring a capacity to learn from and lead both citizens and policy makers in shaping the world we live in. 

MPP Student Public Service Examples:

Misty Freeman and Emily Wornell are completing an internship with Klamath-Lakes CARES in Klamath County regarding child welfare outcomes in the county. The first part of the internship consists of collecting and analyzing child abuse and neglect statistics from various child welfare agencies and organizations in the county as well as information about the process these agencies/organizations go through to make a determination of “founded” child abuse. The second part involves interviewing key stakeholders in an effort to understand how organizations and agencies work together in Klamath County to prevent child abuse and protect victims, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to child abuse and neglect in this county. The goal is to help community stakeholders have a greater understanding of child welfare trends in Klamath County as well as identify the areas that the county is particularly strong and where potential gaps in services may exist.

Damon Runberg recently worked on the grant "Firewood and Invasive Species in Oregon," Oregon Invasive Species Council (Oregon Department of Agriculture).  He studied the transport of invasive species in firewood and designed a policy initiative to mitigate the spread of damaging insects. 

Will Clark worked on the grant "Analysis of the North Pacific Research Board Research Program," North Pacific Research Board.  One aspect of the project was to examine the role of science and scientists in marine and coastal policy.

Kristin Chatfield, Sarah Kopp, Andres Vaughan and Kirsten Winters worked with an interdisciplinary and international research team on a USAID/Egypt grant studying water policy and governance in the Middle East to better allocate resources ("Blue Revolution Initiative: Regional Water Management Benchmarking in the Middle East North Africa Region").

Vince Adams and Dawn Marie Gaid worked with an interdisciplinary research team on a Ford Family Foundation/Oregon Association of Counties grant to study the social and economic consequences of the demise of the county timber payments program ("Secure Rural Schools") for Oregon counties and communities. 

Yao Yin worked with an interdisciplinary team of OSU graduate students and faculty on an Oregon Wave Energy Trust grant to study the potential social and economic effects of wave energy sites for Oregon's coastal communities.

Steph Ogden worked with MPP faculty on a National Science Foundation grant to design new and better approaches to integrate ecological science and scientists in natural resource management processes.

Sara Curiel received a $400,000 grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to continue her work on Latino Outreach in Rural Communities. Sara’s Latino Outreach program was initially developed with OSU Extension and the OSU Sustainable Rural Communities Initiative.

Jennifer Sattem and Melissa Torgerson conducted research and helped design a homeless youth policy and program for a rural southern Oregon county.

Elizabeth O’Neill published a report on "Paid Maternity Leave for the Institute for Women’s Policy" and presented the findings of the report to a U.S. Congressional subcommittee through her work with the Institute for Women's Policy Research, Washington, D.C.